Kia ora. Welcome. This website provides quick access to my academic, family and political research. Questions and feedback are welcome. Please contact me by email at for confidential exchanges. Thanks.

About Me

I was born in Kaitaia in the Far North of New Zealand. My family is linked to Ngai Takoto and Te Rarawa. I was educated at Kaitaia College, trained as a primary school teacher and taught three years in Northland. I enlisted in 3RNZIR and then volunteered for National Service. I then went overseas to graduate in and teach mathematics. I helped lead large schools. I ended 12 years part-time service as Major, OC Sp Coy 10(V) Para, after serving with 1 Para on UN duty in Cyprus.

I spent 15 years in Australia doing my masters and PhD by research into leadership, teaching and leading research projects and programs before returning to New Zealand as a professor at Auckland University. After 5 years there I was invited to Rotorua to "turn round" the Waiariki Institute of Technology as CEO. My next challenge was to establish a new university in Abu Dhabi as Foundation Chancellor and CEO. Since then I have offered evaluation and reform consultancies to institutions, large organizations and systems around the world.

For example, I was commissioned to evaluate aid programs in four African countries. I served as Adjunct Professor at Macquarie University to help reform the Educational Leadership program. I was invited to conduct a National Review of the Preparation and Succession of Educational Leaders in New Zealand. I was embedded in the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Education in Timor Leste to advise on capacity building.

From 2009-2019 I helped guide the School-based Integrated Health Centres Project in Cornwall with evaluations. The project was designed to monitor the impact of integrating in-school health centres on the mental, sexual and physical health and well being of students and their academic achievements. The results have led to seven SBIHCs being developed.

Clicking on Publications will take you to the abstracts and pdf versions of research papers published in the last decade. The theme of my publications is "educative leadership". My full CV is available in the panel to the left.

My Family History research has been accumulating over decades. Having traveled extensively, visited relatives, scanned photographs, analysed documents and searched online, I plan to post chapters, as time permits, to tell our family story as I understand it. Family members are warmly invited to contribute and should expect the chapters to be revised as more information comes to light. Thank you.

From 2013 I have helped lead the Rotorua District Pro-Democracy Society and the Rotorua District Residents and Ratepayers (RDRR) with a view to restoring democracy, the rule of law, financial prudence, and power to elected members on the Rotorua District Council. A summary of Current Issues and our Preliminary Solutions are at with issues being debated daily at the RDRR Facebook page. The RDRR has resolved to continue campaigning for the interests of residents and ratepayers in local body elections.

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